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The Mainstream Exercise Environment—Buyer Beware!

In the modern fitness environment it seems every month there is a new diet or workout that hits the market with promises of delivering amazing results with little or no effort from you–other than following some (often times ludicrous) diet or spending 15 minutes a day on some ridiculous piece of exercise equipment.  We continue to see new diets and fad workouts along with their massive advertising campaigns popping up on a regular basis, because they either don’t work or aren’t sustainable.

We are bombarded with false, quick win solutions on a daily basis.  I try to encourage my clients to take a big picture look at how their daily decisions will affect their lives.  In order to achieve results that are real and will last, it’s vital that you learn how to look out for yourself and are able to think through all of the advertising and marketing clutter out there with respect to diet and exercise.

The Tools

We work together on two fronts.  At Trend Healthy, exercise is driven by personalized sessions that are built around a variety of resistance training methods, dependent on the individual person, their goals and abilities.  Resistance training does many positive things for us, so we will highlight just a few here.  First, and most obvious, calories are expended during the workouts.  But more importantly, each time we work out we are adding a tiny bit of muscle to you. This incrementally ratchets up your metabolism, allowing your body to burn more calories when it’s in a “resting” state–which is where it is the vast majority of the time.  Lastly, an intense strength workout (not the kind where you do one rep every 5 minutes, then check your phone, then check your hair, etc.) yields an intense post exercise calorie burn.  Simply put, your metabolism will stay significantly elevated for 24-72 hours post workout. You do NOT get that from running or “cardio.”  Cardiovascular exercise is important, and we use metabolic assessments to derive a customized cardiovascular workout plan for you.

On the diet side of things, it’s vital to understand and embrace this—we absolutely cannot out train a poor diet. Studies show exercise alone has about a 1% success rate for weight loss, diet alone about 10%,and when done together diet and exercise have a success rate of about 90%! On the food side of things, knowledge is the key.  It is very important to eat in a way that is both enjoyable (it won’t last if you don’t enjoy it!) and beneficial to your body.  I try to help my clients implement a Paleolithic style of eating.  Paleolithic simply meaning trying to stay away from processed foods, focusing on a diet from whole, natural foods.  Whether it’s a grocery store tour working with you on meal planning, food diary analysis or just discussions during our workouts—dietary education and accountability is paramount to success.  We cannot out train a poor diet.

Unlike many workout programs, diets or equipment that claim fast success and deliver temporary, if any results; this approach yields steady progress towards your goal.  It will provide you with the tools and knowledge to make your goal a sustainable reality, whether that goal is fat loss, muscle gain or physique enhancement.

My Personal Thoughts on Training

Achieving success and taking control of your personal health requires discipline, education, consistency and effort. Like anything else worthwhile in life, there are no magic bullets, pills or shortcuts that will create a lasting success–it takes real work.  I can show you the way, but I cannot do it for you–that’s important to understand.

I would love the chance to work with you, I just ask you keep one thing in mind: if you’re going to really do this be fair to yourself and fair to me and embrace this as a lifestyle change. This isn’t the TV show “The Biggest Loser”–we don’t have 12 hours a day to work out, three dietitians preparing meals for you, etc.  This is real life.  Three months is what I suggest (not mandatory) you give yourself for starters.  Trying this for a week or month and then quitting because you haven’t lost 10 pounds isn’t the way to go about this. Rather, this should be looked at as a life changing event–and it will take time to for you to fully embrace it; new eating and exercise habits, allowing time for your body to change and adapt to what you’re asking of it, etc.  A financial adviser once shared this analogy with me–“Personal training is a lot like financial planning, people tend to greatly overestimate their short-term gains, but substantially underestimate their long-term potential if they were only to stick with it.” I’ve found that to be incredibly true.  This absolutely does not mean you’re stuck with me forever, I’m just making the point this doesn’t happen overnight.

Core Beliefs

Trend Healthy has four core beliefs around which we conduct our business. We believe…

  1. Knowledge is power, and with it, people can take personal accountability for their own health.
  2. Each person is different, and there is no one-size fits all approach that works for everyone.
  3. Success is dependent on true lifestyle change, not quick-win solutions.
  4. In the Human Spirit. Regardless of false starts, personal obstacles or setbacks, everyone can achieve their own personal success.
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