A Rant on Supplements and Other Stuff

Supplements are called “supplements” and not “answers” because that’s what they are, supplements.  Too many people think they are the magic bullet they are missing, or they can try a little less hard if they try one more supplement.  Wrong.  They are made to SUPPLEMENT what you are already doing, not do the work for you.  Targeted supplementation done well can certainly help speed things along, but they won’t do it for you, so please don’t fall into that way of thinking.
One very important thing to remember:  The FDA does NOT REGULATE supplements.  As long as they don’t kill you–there is nothing in place to guarantee  that just because something say’s it has “x” on the label–“x” is actually in the supplement.  Do not shop for your supp’s based on price.   You have one body, why try and find the cheapest thing you can to put in it????  (This also applies to food of course).   Get a quality brand, I will be more than happy to help you find one.  If you’re buying at Target or WalGreens, you’re most likely better off saving the money.

Things You Need to Be On in no particular order:

Fish Oil.
Reasons are literally far too many to list here.  It’s natures anti-inflammatory, loaded with Omega 3 fats. Strong lypolytic (“burn fat”) signaling to help tell your body to burn fat, rather than store it.   Benefits to triglycerides, brain function, basically all major systems.

Vast majority of people are deficient in it.   Stress (no one has that right?) greatly increases an already likely short supply.  Helps with sleep, significantly for many people–particularly with deep (REM) cycle sleep–also known as the sleep that matters.   Magnesium  in and of itself, it improves sensitivity to insulin, and an improvement in sleep also improves sensitivity to insulin–so its a double wammy there.

Protein replacements (shakes).  
Absolutely after all of your workouts–you should be sipping a shake as you walk out the door.  If you’re not, you are literally leaving about 5% of free money on the table every time you workout. Not a ton once, but it adds up over time–to a large degree.  This is about the only time your muscles will call the shots with respect to nutrient partitioning–and you have about a 45 min window to take advantage.  This will not only help with muscle rebuilding/repairing, which is important for long term success– but will also take the edge of your hunger. Too often people go home from workouts and eat enough to undue their workout 10x over.  So give the shake a minimum of 30 min lead time on any real food to follow–This should be a rule.   You can also use shakes here and there for a snack during the day and to help meet protein needs/satisfy hunger.  However, in my opinion anyways, a healthy, LONG TERM diet is not one based around drinking like 3 shakes a day.   I think one after a workout and maybe 1 or even 2 more during the day is plenty.  Shakes are best after the workout–but other than that real food is king.

In addition, I think for most people–esp those with weight loss goals or concerns–anything that makes you more sensitive to insulin is a good thing.  Chromium and Alpha-Lipoic-Acid and R Lipoic Acid are relatively cheap and both help with this.

Many people would add Vitamin D, and I have zero qualms with that, as most of us are very deficient.  The problem I have is I have seen first hard through blood testing on numerous people how hard it is to affect D levels, even while taking 5000i.u. doses daily.  What I’ve seen is medicalized doses in the 300,000i.u. range to bring in up–then supplementation to hold it there.   That’s a tough one.

If there is any one thing I could actually force clients to do, this would be it and its not even close.  I could literally write a page here so will do my best to keep this brief.  The Nutribullet, ideally 2x a day is the most influential anything you can add into your diet.  The smoothies need to consist primarily of organic varieties of leafy greens:  kale varieties, spinach, chard, parley varieties, cilantro, bok choy, collard greens, etc.  Celery and cucumbers are also good staples.  70% of the content should be water and things from that list.   Other additions, I’ve learned a lemon quickly peeled does wonder for flavor–and lemons themselves are nutrient laden.  Avocados go well, and the fat helps with absorption of other nutrients.  Seeds; chia, flax, pumpkin, whatever–raw cocao–are all good add ins.   Some fruit can also be helpful with flavor, just don’t let these turn into a fruit smoothie, as they are then also a sugar smoothie.  As with all instances, berries are best for fruit.   Try one first thing (like literally, first thing you put in your body in the morning) and one any other time during the day/evening.

These shakes are insanely nutrient dense, and calorie light and they do amazing things.  We (people in general) do not yet fully understand all of the interactions between our body and the food that we eat, on a cellular/chemical level.   I wish we did-but its well established and pretty readily admitted that we don’t.  (I’d be highly skeptical of anyone who tells you otherwise).   Veggies, and dark leafy stuff in particular, are loaded with what’s called “photo-nutrients”  which is basically code for “tons of super powerful little nutrient things that have amazing powers but we don’t quite fully understand yet.”   A bit comical, but very true, I’m not sure how else to explain it.   Point being these shakes are loaded with them.  The other thing about the Nutribullet is its ability to break apart cellulos–plant matter.  The human digestive track does NOT break down cellulose, so when you eat plants, you very literally pass alot of the nutrition that they have to offer straight though because you have no way to break it down to get at it.  By pulverizing the cellulose, the Nutribullet takes care of this, and you now get way more nutrition from way less food.   The vast majority of us get SO MUCH LESS than what we should in terms of real veggies anyways, this is another way to help with that.  I realize I sound like a commercial for this thing but I’ve seen it yield amazing results when done consistently.   Yes it takes some getting used to the taste of these shakes, and some of them are gross as you learn.  But let me ask you this:  How many of you liked beer (or whiskey, or wine, or whatever it was) the first time you drank it??? I bet not many.  How many tried it again, and again, and again till you learned to like it??  <all hands go up>    So this is the same, only this is great for you, not bad like booze.  With all due respect, learn to like it :)   This thing is easily the best $100 I have ever spent.


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