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Personal Training: What to Expect

With all forms of personal training offered by Trend Healthy, you can expect three things:

Accountability. You will have set workout times which you are responsible for making each week. We track results both on a scale and with skin calipers to track body composition.  Beyond that you will have someone who checks in on you in regards to eating habits, sleep, workouts and all things related to your goals!

Education. Whether it’s one-on-one or small group training, our time together provides a great opportunity to talk about things like diet and smart food choices, sleep and a variety of other things that can affect outcomes.  Understanding how to treat your body is paramount to your success.

Professionalism . The workouts we do will be based around your goals and what your body allows us to do. Anyone can run you into the ground for an hour; just because something is hard does NOT mean it’s good or serving purpose. Your body’s limitations, your stress, exercise history, goals, diet (and the list goes on) are all things that need to be considered. Our workouts will be strategic and goal driven in their design, challenging and safe.


One-On-One Personal Training

Hands down the most effective way of reaching your goals—everything we do is all about you and making sure you succeed. You will receive one-on-one guidance about nutrition and workouts will be personalized to you alone.  The one-on-one environment provides a safe environment to get the absolute most out of your workout.  Sessions are 55 minutes in duration.   Rate: $99/session


Partner Training

Partner training hold true to the same methods as a one-on-one session, but the difference is the workouts are built around two people’s goals and abilities and my attention gets divided between them. It is recommended that you and your partner be of similar fitness levels and have like minded goals. This is a great way to increase affordability and accountability by working out with a friend or family member.  Sessions are 55 minutes in duration.  Rate: $70/per person


 Small Group Training

The best option in terms of affordability! This can be groups of three to five people and it is strongly suggested that you be similar in terms of fitness level and goals. The workouts are built around the group and the collective goal.  Working out in a small group setting is fun and you become both accountable to and motivated by your workout partners!  Sessions are 55 minutes in duration.  Rate: $55/per person


Workout/Program Design

For some folks, simply having workouts designed for them each month is enough.  With this option, we meet once a month (or at whatever frequency you like) to check progress, discuss challenges, take body comp, etc and go over new workouts.  This is a great way to ensure your workouts are effective, safe, and interesting as well as provide some level of accountability towards your goal.  Rate: $60/first workout, $40 each additional.


Butts and Guts Bootcamp

Butts and Guts is Trend Healthy’s weekly bootcamp and at only $15 per session it’s very affordable. There can be up to 15 people in the class at any one time. Focus is primarily on conditioning and body weight strength building exercises.  We also often incorporating H.I.I.T. training (High Intensity Interval Training) into it as well. We are indoors at Higher Power Training during the cold months of the year, and outdoors by Lake Calhoun during the warmer months! This is an excellent supplement to one-on-one training or just a great way to get in a high intensity workout once a week with like-minded people!  Contact us to see if there is currently a boot camp running! Boot camps are 60 min.  Rate: $15/per session



Grocery Store Tour

Although it sounds a bit odd, this can be an extremely effective tool for getting you on the fast track toward healthier eating. It’s simple; we meet at the grocery store where YOU shop and talk about things like reading labels and understanding what they mean as it relates to YOU.  We will spend time looking at all the places sugar hides and sort through all the marketing buzz words out there (Fat free, 0rganic or whole grain does NOT mean healthy!)  You will learn how to shop for smart choices for all of the basic macro nutrient groups (fats, carbohydrates and protein).  We’ll discuss things like good vs bad fat, which carbs to eat and which to avoid, choosing low sugar fruits and much more. We will also make sure to put a few specific meal ideas together for you right in your cart.  Rate: $99



Core Beliefs

Trend Healthy has four core beliefs around which we conduct our business. We believe…

  1. Knowledge is power, and with it, people can take personal accountability for their own health.
  2. Each person is different, and there is no one-size fits all approach that works for everyone.
  3. Success is dependent on true lifestyle change, not quick-win solutions.
  4. In the Human Spirit. Regardless of false starts, personal obstacles or setbacks, everyone can achieve their own personal success.
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