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IT Professional and 5th Grade Teacher, both 43


Before After

Over the past two years Chris has enabled both of us to reach our health and fitness goals. John wanted to lose weight and gain muscle. I wanted to lose weight and tone up. With Chris’ fitness and nutritional expertise, along with the support of Weight Watchers, I was able to lose more than 110 pounds, going from over 40% body fat (ughh!) to 15% in just over two years. John has lost 50 pounds and is now at 19% body fat. Chris’s fitness plans vary our monthly workouts, which continue to motivate and challenge us while targeting our specific needs. He is always available to answer our questions and offer nutrition and fitness advice. Without his continued support we surely wouldn’t be where we are today.


IT Professional, Age 43

Before After

It’s not an understatement to say that Chris helped turn my life completely around. He listened to my goals, recognized and understood in my history, and designed both nutrition and workout plans to move me along a path to wellness.

Pre-Chris: overweight, tired, 41@285lbs with the upper-body strength of an 11 year old girl, and 40” waist on jeans.

Today: 32” jeans, actual lean muscle mass and the ability to do real pull-ups, 43 @ 205

Chris has been there through each week as a mentor, cheerleader, coach, and cohort. Strength, flexibility, balance, endurance… he’s led me to drastic improvements in all areas. He’s always the first to say that I’m doing it, not him, but the truth is that it’s taken both of us working together: my sweat and his expertise made it happen.


Attorney, Age 37

Before In Progress

I started working with Chris in mid-December 2011. Between Minnesota winters and traveling for work, my level of fitness had suffered greatly in recent years. I found myself lacking the motivation and strategy to make a few changes that were well-overdue. I had been quite competitive athletically when I was younger, and I still held aspirations of getting back to posting respectable results from time to time, though I knew I needed help to even fathom getting back on track. My original goal with Chris was to lose 10-15 pounds. On my own, I had considerable doubts as to whether I could accomplish even such a modest goal.

Less than four months later, working with Chris, I’ve lost nearly 25 pounds and reduced my body fat by 4.5 percent. He has shown me how to exercise properly, implement a practical and healthy diet, stay motivated, and gain a better understanding for the long-term health benefits of the changes I’ve implemented. His workout programs continually challenge me as I improve my fitness, and each session seems to produce new breakthroughs. Each week I continue to improve my endurance and strength, which motivates me to continue upon this path.

With Chris’s continued help, I’m now beginning to set new goals that include returning to levels of fitness I haven’t achieved in nearly 15 years. My immediate goals in the next year include running a half-marathon and Warrior Dash, and perhaps a Tough Mudder event. I feel strong and healthy both physically and mentally, and Chris’s 24-7 availability to consult via phone or e-mail about diet choices or exercises when we’re not in the gym together continues to aid me in making smart decisions and committing to these changes.  If you can match Chris’ commitment to achieving your goals, the question is not if you’ll get there, but when.

I’m eternally grateful, Chris. Looking forward to seeing where we’ll go from here!

Eric Lochen, Attorney at Law
Lochen Law Offices, PLLC
Age 37


Attorney, Age 31

Before In Progress

I have worked with Chris for 2.5 years.  Since then, I have lost nearly 40 pounds and approximately 15% of my body fat.  Before working with Chris, I had lost some weight on Jenny Craig.  However, I hit a plateau and it was about a year before I started losing weight again.  During this time, Chris was constantly trying to figure out why I wasn’t losing weight, and he considered everything from diet and hormones to more interval training.  Finally, the weight started coming off and it has continued to do so with Chris’s help.

Working out with Chris twice a week has literally changed my life.  I actually enjoy working out now because the workouts change every 4 weeks and never get boring.  Chris is constantly asking about my diet, whether I’m taking my vitamins and supplements and whether I’m doing enough cardio.  It is very obvious that he cares about his clients and will do anything to help them get a good result.  It takes a lot of work but the end result is absolutely worth it.


Nurse Practitioner, Age 49

Before In Progress

I have been struggling with my weight all my life and on my 49th birthday I realized that what I had been trying was not working. Switching between diets and exercise plans I gained and lost so much weight over my lifetime I was worried about my health. I needed to change how I managed eating and exercise to make it a part of my lifestyle. Chris has helped me understand the importance of balanced nutrition and weight training to accomplish my goal of a 50 pound weight loss.  He has creative ideas, so my workouts are always stimulating and challenging. He is motivating and knowledgeable about my personal training needs, as well as helping me set realistic expectations to reach my goals. I am well on the way to goal only 6 months into my training with him. I feel and look great!  Cyndie


Healthcare Product Manager, Age 36

Before After

I came to Chris after doing p90x, losing a ton of weight, and gaining it right back. I always had trouble committing long term to fitness programs.

Within 60 days, I was able to lose more weight than I did on p90x. Chris adapted the workouts, dietary recommendations, and supplements throughout the process. Since then, he’s kept things interesting, challenging, and fun and I’ve continued to benefit and stay engaged. Highly recommended!


Financial Advisor, Age 25

I began working with Chris in September of 2010. Even after our initial meeting, I had no real intentions of sticking with training for more than the original 8 sessions I signed up for. I figured I’d work super hard for a couple months, get a jump start on my weight loss goals, and then take it on my own from there. My opinion quickly changed when I saw the value that working with Chris was bringing to not only my workouts, but to my desire to live a healthier lifestyle in general. His level of knowledge, willingness to share it, and passion for the health and fitness industry is contagious and motivating. He has pushed me to achieve results I never thought I would and sparked my own passion for leading a healthy life in the process. Since I began working with Chris I have lost weight, gained muscle, and pushed so far beyond what I ever thought I could do in the weight room, and it has been a completely rewarding experience. I valued my time with Chris so much that when he started his own business, I didn’t even hesitate to follow him.

There is so much value that working with Chris can bring to your life – and it goes so far beyond just hiring a personal trainer. He has challenged, educated and encouraged me to be a better version of myself. Even though my weight loss goals were never too drastic, I was able to achieve them and continue setting new ones all the time. I am truly grateful for not only the success I’ve been able to achieve with him as my coach, but also the friend I’ve gained in the process.



Investment Fund Manager, Age 40

In late-fall, 2011 (at the age of 40) I decided enough is enough and committed to making the lifestyle changes necessary improve my overall health and wellbeing. At that point, I figured I was smart enough to accomplish this on my own and therefore didn’t have a real need for a personal trainer. Fortunately, my doctor didn’t agree and introduced me to Chris after a meeting where he presented me with the results of a comprehensive physical exam. Reluctantly, I met with Chris shortly thereafter.

I was still skeptical, but agreed to spend a month working with Chris. I figured I would DEFINITELY be able to move forward on my own after that. That may or may not be true, but it has now been 8-months and counting, and I continue to work with Chris twice per week. The progress at every session is measurable.

Chris’s approach is comprehensive:

  • His training programs target the entire body and change frequently;
  • His knowledge and guidance extends to diet, nutrition and supplementation;
  • His network of other healthcare professionals gives him invaluable access to wide-ranging subject matter.

The signature line of Chris’s email says: “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.” For me, it’s so ironic because that phrase describes my approach to fitness (and lack of real results) before working with him.

Chris’s guidance has had a dramatic and measurable impact on my physical health and level of conditioning. I sincerely recommend contacting him if you are ready for the same.


Medical Sales, Age 53

After several years of faithfully going to the gym 3-4 days a week, I became really, really, really good at performing the same basic sets of exercises but had reached a plateau. I’d also developed some chronic aches that chiropractors never seemed to be able to fully resolve. On the recommendation from a friend I started working with Chris a little more than a year ago. He developed a progressive program that addressed both my personal goals and specific functional imbalances and the result is that I’ve essentially eliminated the trips to the chiropractor (and his co-pays!) As for personal goals, my functional strength continues to grow, and now decades later I’m stronger and more overall fit than I was in college. Health is my most important investment and I can’t recommend Chris highly enough for what he’s done for me.

Core Beliefs

Trend Healthy has four core beliefs around which we conduct our business. We believe…

  1. Knowledge is power, and with it, people can take personal accountability for their own health.
  2. Each person is different, and there is no one-size fits all approach that works for everyone.
  3. Success is dependent on true lifestyle change, not quick-win solutions.
  4. In the Human Spirit. Regardless of false starts, personal obstacles or setbacks, everyone can achieve their own personal success.
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